Of Advertising Agencies, Art Directors, Clay Modeling and Paper Cutting.

9 Jan

Think advertising beyond airbrush.

A decade in the business, and not as a coveted ‘art director’ – I was made to believe by the magicians themselves in the enigma that is Photoshop. Hours spent in front of colorful iMacs (the ones that came on the Pods – I loved the Teal one!) stitching up pictures, changing colors, adding effects and almost close to creating life. I hadn’t seen work areas other than desk spaces, with the glamourous Macs and ofcourse, liquor bottles. Take a photograph, tens if not hundred, cut them, paste them , fuse them, revolving around the the lengths of how far Photoshop filters take them, or stop at the where the filters loaded on ones Mac.

I just don’t get it.

If you have an idea, how can one not want to see it in front of their eyes , right now, right here? Hold them, in their hands? In front of their eyes? If I dream up a dish, I definitely want to give it a shot myself, the coming of the ingredients and the flavors – yes, then I don’t mind taking it to the specialist – to add in that quintessential style – that might take it to the next level.

Along came Google India. Our clients at Propaganda India. This dream playground we wanted to be in came true. I like the way they describe their company, they said it’s like “Disneyland”. I see, working on this account how our place to turns into one small disneyland of sorts. I see our Art Directors transform in photographers to clay modellers to origami artists to what not……having fun. The tools available are endless and waiting to be explored. I didn’t realize I could do a bit of clay modeling – until this day or some paper cutting. Now I want to.

How often do advertising agenices become playgrounds? ( It’s oh-so-easy to turn one into beer den!)

It does ever so often. At Propaganda India. And, it’s a great feeling.



One Response to “Of Advertising Agencies, Art Directors, Clay Modeling and Paper Cutting.”

  1. Jerry Tovo January 9, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Well shucks, just when I had become proficient in Photoshop. Well, I’m to old to re-learn what I originally learned in Kindergaten

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