2011 and Enlightened Capitalism

28 Dec

So, what a way to usher in a new year, my first blog post (yes! despite being a digital marketer!) and read about none other than Sir Richard Branson talking about one of Propaganda India’s clients – AyurVAID Hospitals in the Economist. He said it in just about as many words – high-quality health care to the rich and poor alike.

Read about it here

I am still amazed at the overall thought and upon deliberation figured many of our clients are doing just that. It’s not CSR. It’s not charity. It’s definitely running a business – but with a soul. It’s a lot about doing good. It’s not transactional, not just about number crunching, not just about profits – but a new realm of business with community consciousness, customer joy and some things beyond that.

All this among many other things we’ll talk about in 2011. I have categorized them as

– Entrepreneurs Ahoy – A special section for entrepreneurs and start-ups on certain things they ought to think about and fix at the outset of starting a business.

– Going Digital Matters – a co-authored blog with Vidya A. – a social media evangelist from San Antonio, TX. Enroute a PhD – check out her posts at http://phdtalk.totallyvidya.net/

– Marketing 2011 – often we come across challenger brands, companies of friends, fellow entrepreneurs and others who could do with a tip or two from here.

– Propaganda India Trumpet – A list of some ‘makings’ here and some of our work that we’d like to showcase.

– Propaganda Social – Our newest division at Propaganda India that hopes to demystify the social media haze!

– Thought for The Day – Well, we’re all lurking around YT, FB, the internet in general and many many other sites. I love Seth Godin and almost every post of his can become a thought for every day 🙂 All that apart – this is a bunch of randomness that we keep seeing around that might just uncover that big thing you’ve been running after. How about calling it the Inspiration Pot?

So, here’s to a  new chapter and as far as enlightened capitalism is concerned, let’s see many more of us do business the new way. Business Unplugged.



Propaganda India scoops up the creative duties of Jus Booster Juice in India

8 Sep

The Bangalore-based digital creative agency’s primary mandate includes whipping up digital/social media strategies, as well as all other creative communication for Booster Juice and Kiwi Kiss brands in India.

Today, Jus Booster Juice has grown to 18 smoothie bars in India spread over Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi / NCR. The brand is
quite popular among Indian youth, who are immensely active online and proactive on social media. A reason why Jus Booster Juice is looking at creating a stronger stir in the digital/social space. Fazle Naqvi, CEO, Brand Calculus says “Propaganda India’s fresh and cutting-edge approach in the digital space, their connect and understanding today’s customer habits and trends is something that plays a very important role in the evolution of a brand like ours”.

Priya Jayaraman, Managing Partner at Propaganda India adds “It’s an exciting brand, it’s a new category and the digital medium is
something that comes naturally to us.”

Jus Booster Juice, Canada’s largest chain of fresh juice & smoothie bars is also the first global smoothie brand to enter the Indian market. The chain specializes in health-conscious smoothies composed of a pure juice, fruit sorbet or frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, fresh yogurt and ice. They also serve fresh fruit juices, milk shakes and other hot beverages.

Over the last 3 years since inception, Propaganda India has worked on some very successful campaigns for Google India, Mast Kalandar Restaurants, AyurVAID Hospitals and Major Brands among others.

Propaganda India is co-founded and run by Venkatesh Nadhan (Venky) and Priya Jayaraman.

Of Advertising Agencies, Art Directors, Clay Modeling and Paper Cutting.

9 Jan

Think advertising beyond airbrush.

A decade in the business, and not as a coveted ‘art director’ – I was made to believe by the magicians themselves in the enigma that is Photoshop. Hours spent in front of colorful iMacs (the ones that came on the Pods – I loved the Teal one!) stitching up pictures, changing colors, adding effects and almost close to creating life. I hadn’t seen work areas other than desk spaces, with the glamourous Macs and ofcourse, liquor bottles. Take a photograph, tens if not hundred, cut them, paste them , fuse them, revolving around the the lengths of how far Photoshop filters take them, or stop at the where the filters loaded on ones Mac.

I just don’t get it.

If you have an idea, how can one not want to see it in front of their eyes , right now, right here? Hold them, in their hands? In front of their eyes? If I dream up a dish, I definitely want to give it a shot myself, the coming of the ingredients and the flavors – yes, then I don’t mind taking it to the specialist – to add in that quintessential style – that might take it to the next level.

Along came Google India. Our clients at Propaganda India. This dream playground we wanted to be in came true. I like the way they describe their company, they said it’s like “Disneyland”. I see, working on this account how our place to turns into one small disneyland of sorts. I see our Art Directors transform in photographers to clay modellers to origami artists to what not……having fun. The tools available are endless and waiting to be explored. I didn’t realize I could do a bit of clay modeling – until this day or some paper cutting. Now I want to.

How often do advertising agenices become playgrounds? ( It’s oh-so-easy to turn one into beer den!)

It does ever so often. At Propaganda India. And, it’s a great feeling.


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